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Thank you for visiting the British Army Cap Badge and Militaria Site

Here in this site we specialise in cap badges and militaria from the British perspective. We have stock to reflect our colonial past. Canadian, Indian, Australian, New Zealand badges along with the smaller islands and dependancies. We also offer police, RAF Naval and Home front items.

You may buy from us assured of our guarantee to you that if you are not happy with any of your purchases, and you return them, within 7 days, in the same condition as when they left us, that we shall return to you the full purchase price of the item, excluding the postage costs.

We display photographs of each item, and will send you more on request, likewise we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Should you have any suggestions to how we may improve our shop please also let us know as we do genuinely respect, and are always prepared to act upon, customer advice and comment.

We do operate a lay - away facility, simply contact us so we can discuss the best way to do this, we make no extra charge for this service.